Editorial (June 2020)

Hello Readers

As we embark into the fourth month of our new normal life, we bring to you the next issue of Eyra.

These are turbulent times. Last few months have been nothing less than a roller coaster ride in many aspects of our lives. While the pandemic is spreading its wings and we are trying to flatten the curve, there have been a few incidents that are shaking the entire foundation of humanity. Nepotism in Bollywood, police atrocities both at home and abroad, natural calamities and what not.

Yet, amidst all this, live on we must. As, when has life ever stopped?

As we all look within, and try and comprehend the changes that have come on to our lives, we bring to you another set of unique stories that hopefully touch a chord with each of you.

The recent suicide case propelled our wellness expert to pen in a piece on Feeling Good – Inside Out, where she shares some tips to give equal importance to the fitness levels of our mind as much as we give to the fitness levels of our body. A must read piece.

Continuing on the same lines and touching upon the fact that a strong mind can always think with clarity, and resultantly stand for what is right, we have a movie review of the latest Tamil blockbuster Ponmagal Vandhal, that raises some very pertinent questions on some key points like justice, right parenting etc.

A racial bias incident that shook the world recently, made us all realise the deep seated biases we all carry at both conscious and subconscious level. Words Matter! deep dives into some words and phrases that we use so casually in our lives, but are actually seeped in bias and discrimination.

Feminism is an oft-quoted yet the most misrepresented word. And in this issue we have the youth addressing it, and how! What if I told you that a bunch of college going male students have created a very strong pro-women rap song that has got rave reviews and have already got a million+ hits! Read Rapping the Reality – NAARI to get to know this awesome music group. The youth of today just say it right up front! Isn’t it?

Our Young Voices section this time is Feminism: Misquoted where they completely debunk the feminism depicted in some super hit movies from Hollywood and Bollywood.

With so much uncertainty around, a lot of us are carrying within us many emotions, angst, views, thoughts etc. that we are at times able to share, and at times cannot. A lot of us are also carry memories. Read Saying the Unsaid, it may give you some reprieve and enable you to finally pen out that letter which you never wrote, or would want to write now!

Stay safe, stay well, and take care of yourselves and your loved ones.


Swapna Narayanan

Chief Editor, Eyra

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