Meet Our Team


JoA New Delhi based lawyer by profession and a freelance editor, Jyoti is extremely passionate about women issues and firmly believes in empowering women to deal with the challenges faced by them in their day to day lives. Eyra is her dream child. With Eyra she intends to voice her views, and hopes that it will help women to know about their ‘right to choose’ and ‘right to say no’ in various aspects of their lives, at home and workplace. Jyoti regularly writes on women and legal issues. She blogs at The Key to Happiness and can be reached at



A Bengaluru based IT Professional and Writer who has built her career along with bringing up two children (now teenagers), Swapna believes that a woman has it all within her. While there is no one solution that fits all, every woman just needs to figure out what works for her and make it happen. With Eyra, she intends to give a formal structure to the informal mentoring sessions she keeps on having with all the women in her network. For her, being born a woman is a privilege, and one must use it to the hilt! You can read her views at Life – A Beautiful Journey and reach out to her at


JenA Mumbai based IT professional who strongly believes in health and beauty, Jayanti is an active fitness freak. An avid Yoga and Zumba practitioner, Jayanti believes in holistic beauty. For her, to become truly beautiful, a woman must nourish all facets of her personality right from her soul to her skin. Known to constantly dole out a tip or two to all the women in her circle, for Jayanti Eyra is a mantelpiece to share her views towards becoming truly beautiful by building a fit body with an enriched spirit. She can be reached at


Sam team picA Bengaluru based first year law student with a love and passion for writing, Samarth gets his drive from a quote by his favourite music artist, Kendrick Lamar who once said, “I’m not on the outside looking in, I’m not on the inside looking out. I’m in the dead centre, looking around.” Steve Jobs being an important inspiration to his life, he is a law student with a creative streak, who is a stickler for perfection. A self-respecting feminist, he believes anyone who thinks feminism is for women alone is not thinking straight, and that you can’t say you aren’t a feminist, and then believe in human rights. Samarth is also an avid reader and constantly expresses an innate greed to own books. He also hopes to change the world someday. He listens to a lot of music, writes poetry and bits of prose that can be found on his personal blog ( and his Instagram handle @bard_of_suburbia.