Eyra Awards 2020

We are delighted to announce that the results of Eyra Awards 2020 are out!!

At Eyra, our goal is to showcase the stories of carefully picked men and women who are contributing to empowerment of women in their own way. Each one of them is awesome, passionate, and strongly committed towards enabling, encouraging, and empowering women.

As expected, our jury spent significant amount of time reading, sifting, shortlisting and choosing from the 50+ nominees. An arduous task, yet done with passion on a quest for finding the true winner.

Without further ado, the winners are:

Eyra Achiever 2020

Rajlakshmi Borthakur


She is a mother to a 7 year old child struggling with epilepsy. To deal with the illness, she became a designer, scientist, and entrepreneur for an Epilepsy detection device called TJay.

Read her interview with Eyra at Pre-empting Seizures – Rajlakshmi Borthakur.

Eyra Nurturer 2020 

Madhuram Aparajita

IMG-20191128-WA0035A corporate lawyer by profession, she has been active in the field of disability since her college days. She is associated with WeCapable and has co-founded the YouTube Channel ‘Dashamlav‘. She currently mentors over one lakh Persons with Disabilities (PwD) through various digital platforms. Her commitment to PwD’s welfare is commendable, especially noting that she herself is not one. Read her interview with Eyra at The Abled – Madhuram Aparajita.


Eyra Beauty 2020 

Shalini Samuel

ce35cb15-c43a-433c-b129-adc6e4128bb1She runs her own YouTube channel called Knot Me Pretty where she teaches us a variety of hairdos, right from our everyday hairstyles to cute buns and braids. Read her interview with Eyra at DIY Hair Styles – Shalini Samuel.

Eyra Fighter 2020 

Swati Maliwal

nscoiAs the head of Delhi Commission for Women, she needs no introduction. She has been fighting against the increasing number of rapes, and even went on a hunger strike for bringing a change in law. Read her interview with Eyra at Fighting against Rapes – Swati Maliwal.

Eyra Artist 2020

Deepa Kiran

8345b630-7da5-4733-a668-8077f0bd0d91She is a professional story teller based in Hyderabad. This art form is not only for children but for even teachers. While it does give immense benefits for children, it plays a critical role in empowering teachers and enabling them to develop a teaching approach that is exciting, inclusive and most importantly not boring! Read her interview with Eyra at The Art of Storytelling – Deepa Kiran.

Eyra Contributor 2020

Shafayra Z Ahmed

48ddc1e0-3795-4fe0-862b-cb7186a72fe3She is the founder of Fira’s Make Up Academy based in Mumbai. You can know more about her academy at www.firasmakeup.com or reach out to her at fira@firasmakeup.com. Read her articles with Eyra at Perfect Holiday Make up!Redefining BeautyThe right way of Contouring , Your Beauty Regime this Summer

Eyra Young Voice 2020

Ariktha M Koundinya

A budding writer, she has contributed a poem for Eyra expressing her anguish at  the recurrent rapes happening in the country. This entry has been selected from a collection of poems and articles from boys and girls in the age group of 15 – 21 years, expressing their anguish on how they see things today with respect to how women and girls are treated. Read her poem, Asifa, published in Eyra at Young Voices.


Our special thanks to the jury members – Godhuli Beteille, Sharmila Chari and Mahua Mukherjee.



And to our sponsors – The Star in Me, Readen Editors and Publishers and our readers, friends and family – who made this happen.

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