Redefining Beauty

Jayanti Krishnan

There is no rulebook when it comes to beauty. We many a times struggle to live up to the so-called beauty standards set forth by the society. All of us face so many comments and remarks for being too thin, too fat, too mature, too young, too dark, too fair etc. But aren’t there times when we look at someone who fulfils all the traditional requirements of a true beauty and still looks unattractive? Or someone whose colour and features do not match the set standards, but we still end up liking them? It is because beauty is subjective. It is also because of the attitude and vibes the person carries. The more positive and confident your outlook, the better you look.

This is why physical appearance should not be too much of a concern and we should understand that there is no single definition of beauty. Grey hair looks majestic. Wrinkles are a sign of experience. People are different. If all of us looked the same, what fun would life be? The very people who comment on our looks (or lack of it) also comment on models all looking similar! So let us be unapologetic with how we look or dress.

Let us have our own standard of beauty (for ourselves, not others!). Let us carry ourselves confidently. Let us be confident in our own skin. Most important of all, let us understand that there is no perfect body type because chand me bhi daag hota hai (even the moon has scars). What is important is your attitude and confidence to carry whatever you are wearing.

Having said that, we are in the midst of Diwali season with festivities and frequent parties. Hence we bring you, from our favourite expert Shafayra Ahmed from Fira’s Makeup Academy, five simple and easy steps that may come in super handy to help you look your gorgeous self and steal the limelight. So go ahead and get your makeup done unapologetically! But of course, do remember to carry that confidence with you!



*All images used in this article are either Eyra’s own design or widely and freely available on the internet.*

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