Frizzy Hair – Cry for Nourishment

Jayanti Krishnan

Frizzy hair is something that’s hard to love and can be very annoying, especially in the rainy season. We all take so much effort to make our hair look perfect when we walk out of our house, only to find our hair looking like a bird’s nest towards the evening. I personally suffer from the same and hence in this edition, I present some basic tried and tested ways to tame the frizz. For this, we spoke to a known hair expert, Sahil Khan, Owner of 7 Studio Salon, Noida.

With a disciplined hair care regime, a little extra attention and a few ingredients from the kitchen, this issue can be solved, says Sahil. Hair frizzes and falls more during monsoon season, because there is moisture and dirt in the air. The moisture gets into the open pores and the dirt locks it in, leading to hair problems. The pores open due to a variety of reasons like dirty water, usage of chemicals, frequent washing etc. Here are a few tips to follow during monsoon season:


  1. Avoid leaving your hair open during this season, especially outdoors.
  2. Do not get any chemical treatment during monsoon like rebonding, smoothening etc. Keratin, however, can be done if absolutely necessary, and that too only in upper layers. Getting any chemicals in your hair during this season will lead to open pores, increasing hair fall.
  3. For general health of hair, regular (at least quarterly) hair trimming is absolutely essential. If you see split ends, chop them quickly. Though hair grows from roots, it dies from the ends. And split ends tend to grow till they reach the roots, damaging the hair completely.

Washing and Conditioning

  1. Restrict hair wash to maximum twice in a week during this season. Never wash your hair with hot water. Heat causes the cuticles to rise, making it frizz up. Always use water that is either cool or lukewarm.
  2. Conditioning is very important for frizz control. There are a few home remedies you can do for this:
    1. Oiling at least once a week. You can use hot oil in most cases. Note that almond oil is by nature hot hence should not be heated. It helps to add vitamin E capsules to the oil.
    2. Curd is a good source of nourishment, but it can make hair dry. If this is the case with you, apply curd on oiled hair.
    3. Egg is a great source of conditioning. Keep in mind that egg is to be used with yolk only on oily to normal hair. For dry hair, use only egg whites.
    4. Mehendi (henna) should be avoided in this season as it increases frizziness and breakage when combined with the moisture in the air.
  3. Spas – hair packs and spas provide nourishment to the hair and should be done regularly. Note that deep conditioning, though it shows immediate shine and effect, provides only conditioning and no nourishment. Choose your hair treatment wisely.

Nutrition and Diet

  1. Most important for hair care, diet should be well taken care of. We can take care of the grown hair with a visit to the salon, but roots are where they start and good internal nourishment goes a long way in maintaining the health of the hair.
  2. Lots of water intake and nutrition packed foods are essential for hair. Some super foods are – Spinach, Tomato, Walnut, Chia Seeds, Cocnut oil, Broccoli, Carrot etc.

Additional Tips

  1. Use satin pillow covers for sleeping, since cotton soaks up moisture.
  2. Do not dry your hair with a towel, as it causes the hair follicles to break and frizz out. Remove the excess water with a towel and then use the warmth of your fingers to slowly dry and untangle your hair.

You can turn frizzy hair around by eliminating its causes. If every day you do your best to nourish your body from the inside with the super foods mentioned above and help your hair to thrive by trying out these home remedies for your frizzy hair, we’re sure you’ll see decent results in the upcoming weeks.


For more information or appointments, you can contact Sahil at 0120-4541097 or 9899865918. His studio is at B1 40, Central Market, Sector-50, Noida.


*All images used in this article are either Eyra’s own design or widely and freely available on the internet.*

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