Editorial (July 2019)

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the monsoon edition of Eyra. I love the rains. I associate monsoon with happiness, fun and flying high. It brings new hope within me.

And we see this hope into fruition with great achievements by some extraordinary women. First and foremost, Eyra congratulates all our Muslim friends out there on the success of the Triple Talaq movement.

We also congratulate our Golden Girl, Hima Das, on her amazing feat. We bring you her story in detail in The Golden Girl – Hima Das.

Also awe-inspiring are our women in science for the successful launch of Chandrayaan – 2. This made us bring you our thoughts about women’s struggles in Women Crusaders in Science and Technology as beautifully portrayed in the movie Hidden Figures and how it resonates with what women struggle with even today at workplace.

Well, rain also comes with its flip side. With so much rains, we all face hair issues! Remember Monica from Friends? So we bring you special, yet simple, tips this monsoon on how to control your frizz and hairfall in Frizzy Hair – Cry for Nourishment.

Rains make us pensive and thoughtful. I can just imagine sitting with a cup of tea and staring at the rain, lost in my own deep thoughts. This July we have done some hard thinking to bring out a couple of thought provoking articles for you to read.

Amidst all the anti-abortion and pro-choice talks, I found out first-hand that Tamil Nadu has an unofficial ban on contraceptives! In effect, it seems like women have to either risk invasive techniques of birth control or depend on dear men for protection. We bring you our thoughts on the matter in Women Control or Birth Control?

Lastly, we bring you Book Review – Pinjar. Pinjar is one of the best novels of the acclaimed Hindi author Amrita Pritam. It really brings to light the plight of women during partition. Do read and ponder over how different it actually is from today’s world? Not much, I would say. We still live in a world where a rape victim and her entire family can be destroyed to protect the perpetrator. We still live in a world where it is easy for parents to refuse to give a kidney to their daughter – after all, it’s a girl. We still live in a world where people are debating over a woman’s rights over her own body. As if, it can even be a question!

Do think about it and let us know your thoughts. We are trying our best to change mindsets, with your continued help and support.

Do let us know what you think about all this.


Jyoti Shekar

Founder Editor, Eyra

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