Pride Rockets

Samarth Narayanan

I strike a match and light the fuse,

I stand back, and watch

The flicker of the rocket bomb

As it flips and flops its way

To the light at the end of its road;


Soon it flies, out the shed,

Streaking into the sky

Tearing a path through the air

Flying for thousands of feet;


As it eventually, climbs up

And reaches the hanging clouds,

It explodes into a million colours

Lighting up the night sky

Pushing the darkness away,

Crying its sparks to the Earth

For that brief moment in time;


And in that brief moment,

You aren’t in that closet anymore,

You aren’t crying in the corner,

You aren’t slapping a smile on your face

When you’re really just sad inside;


For a tiny grasp of a moment,

My friends, you will be free,

Until one of you colourful rockets

Tears out of this Earth,

Breaks free from the ‘strata’sphere

And flies, far, far away,

To a place where forever you can be

Exploding rockets,

Streaking through day and night,

Exploding rockets,

To dance and prance all day,

For there will be no one there,

To point their fingers,

And tell you, that you, don’t belong,

There will be no one there,

To chain you up and cast you away;


The day shall come, my friends,

A day that is fast approaching,

The day shall come when you, my friends,

Shall finally be free.


Author Bio

Samarth is an eighteen year young man with a passionate love for anything even remotely dramatic. He has some interesting views about life and death, the right and the wrong, and everything that comes with it.

Read more of his work at his blogs and


*All images used in this article are either Eyra’s own design or widely and freely available on the internet.*

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