Editorial (January 2022)

Hello Readers,

Welcome back after the short break! Eyra just turned four this month and we are so grateful for your continued support to make this possible.

These few months enabled us to take a step back and see how much we have evolved. In our four years, we have brought to fore myriad stories, varied pieces and unique perspectives that have appealed and touched the heart of our readers. And there is nothing more gratifying than that. We also spotted some areas that can be improvised to enable us to create more useful, authentic and valuable content.

We have decided to close down the Artist in You! section. We have been repeatedly feeling that this section is not all encompassing, and chose to hear that voice and take some action. Rest all sections remain the same.

We have lost a lot of people of late, and not just to coronavirus. It is heart wrenching, but we choose to salute these souls and wish them a very peaceful and happy afterlife, wherever they may be. In this issue, we pay our respects to the legendary Betty White by bringing you some lesser known facts about her and how she lived life on her terms, exercising her right of choice. Read on – Adios, Betty White.

We also remember Shabnam Siddiqui in An Ode to A Beautiful Soul, whom we lost this month. I have worked closely with her in my legal career and she has always been an inspiration to me. In fact, my publication journey started when she complemented me on my writing and editing style and encouraged me to do more with it. We pay our respects to her by bringing you an old interview that she graciously gave for Eyra, where she talks about glass ceilings, women in workplace, and how knowing your worth has everything to do with how you are treated in this world.

On the topic of choice, we bring you a thought provoking piece, The Past Demons, on how guilt and suppression not only trap us in unpleasant situations but are bound to come out anyway one day, leaving us with nothing but regrets.

We also bring you some Tips for a Glowing Skin for that glowing and healthy skin that we all wish for.

Hope you enjoy this issue, and encourage us as always to write more and do more.


Jyoti Shekar

Founder Editor, Eyra

*All images used in this article are either Eyra’s own design or widely and freely available on the internet.*

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