Editorial (January 2021)

Dear Readers,

Hope you winters are going great. At last, we get to wake up late and discard that blanket at a leisurely pace. Something I had always wished for. Just goes to show that we should be careful about what we wish for!!! As this blessing is sponsored by Corona and its associated lazy lifestyle…

With the current system of stay at home and winters playing havoc with our skin and hair, we bring you some useful tips on haircare in Winter Care – Hair Spa at Home.

Speaking of corona, these days we have become much more aware of health issues, allopathy and alternative treatments, going back to Ayurveda, to our very own roots and legacy. With increasing concerns about the side effects of allopathy, we bring you an article by Ms. Nirmala Jayaprakash, a well-known name in cultivating medicinal plants. A ParisaraPremi (Environment Lover) awardee, she is the president and secretary of a few trusts and organisations in the farming space. I will let you read more by her and about her in Health at Home.

Secondly, the past year has forced us to spend more time with our families at home. I think all of us have at some point realized how difficult our husbands/wives/parents/inlaws/siblings/children are. Be that as it may, we are most responsible for our children, right? On that note, we bring you a piece on how to nurture and when to wean away your teenaged children in Nurturing Through Teens.

On the topic of mothers, we introduce to a lovely Tamil book, Amma written by renowned author Perumal Murugan (English translation available) where the author talks about the journey of his mother. It is actually reminiscent of the stories of almost every woman around and will touch your heart. Read more in Book Review – Amma by Perumal Murugan.

Recently, the Supreme Court talked amount the value homemakers in a motor accident case, which made us mull over the economic value, consequently the value, of a homemaker in Economic Value of Homemakers.

We also bring you a very thought provoking article on nudity and how it is perceived and viewed in our society. At the end of it, thought it is supposed to be personal, it becomes a social concept in the whole circle of patriarchy we are surrounded by. Nudity and Liberation written by a young voice, Pragati Sambrani, is sure to make you look at the subject with a different perspective altogether!

Hope you enjoy this issue, as always. Do leave us a thumbs up to encourage us to do more!


Jyoti Shekar

Founder Editor, Eyra

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