Editorial (December 2020)

Hello Readers,

As we bid goodbye to a year that has been utterly chaotic, an eye opener, a great leveller and so much more in so many ways, we bring to you the last issue of 2020. 

Come January, one of the former women cricketers of our country – Minoti Desai will be releasing her debut work of fiction based on her first love, Cricket. In She the Cricketer – Minoti Desai gave us some insights of her career, and we could see that women’s cricket in India could do with some impetus and focus. We are getting there, but still have some miles to go, to make a Harmanpreet or Mithali akin to Sachin or Kohli.  

Talking about paths to take, our Nurturer section this time has an experienced Montessori Educator in US, Padma Venkatraman, walking us through the right approach in honing our children by Instilling Values – the Empathy Way

Eyra is all about being empowered. But does being empowered limit to being only a working professional? Or does it involve around having control over your money – working or not working? We bring to you a three point talisman that can help you do a dip stick check on your true empowerment levels in Money Matters! 

Feminism is the most misconstrued word and is often gravely misinterpreted. In Feminism for Dummies, our Young Voices editor walks you through the various types and aspects of feminism that exist, while encouraging you to create your own definitions too. 

December is largely about fun and frolic, while in some parts of south India it is also the month of deep devotion and love where a young girl’s poetry is sung by one and all. Read Andal – the Poetic Soul of Marghazhi, to know more about this unshackled, bold and unfettered woman poet of the eight century. 

As we bring on a cheerful and healthy 2021, do party hard while keeping safe and taking care, and do not forget to read our article on Get Party Ready – with the Face Mask for some awesome makeup tips!

Here’s wishing you all a happy, healthy and cheerful 2021!


Swapna Narayanan,

Chief Editor, Eyra

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