Editorial (August 2020)

Dear Readers,

How are you all doing? I hope all of you are staying safe, maintaining social distancing and being a responsible citizen.

The year seems to be on a high tide still, taking in its lap a lot more than we had thought it would. Struggling to eliminate virus, losing jobs, missing loved ones, being restricted in our own homes, and so much more. Yet, the tide refuses to taper down.

But then, tide it is. If not today, it has to die down tomorrow.

And, you never know, the end of the tunnel may be just around the corner. We need to still walk and take that turn though.

On the global stage, some Tamil and Yiddish words seems to be warming up many a hearts. As the US gears up for its upcoming elections, the endearing Kamala Harris is building some deep bonds with ‘Chittis‘ and ‘Mamalehs‘, making her an apt, strong and deep rooted VP candidate. A much needed diversity breather in an otherwise deeply divided world!

On the home front, earlier this month, Zomato – the food delivery major – announced a new HR policy of ‘Period Leaves’ for its women and transgender workforce. The move was appreciated by some, and denounced by many. Period Leave – Progressive or Regressive? showcases these varied perspectives, and also gives you, the reader, an option to cast your vote. Do not forget to share your view.

While the lockdown was (and still is) traumatic in very many ways, it has also led to an increase in consumption of entertainment content on various mediums and platforms. One of our guest authors this time, Deepti Dani, uses the opportunity of the Ramayana telecasted again in Doordarshan during March, in Discerning Sita and Her Choices and brings to us a lovely narrative on the oft-misunderstood mythology character Sita. She does a very incisive analysis of the character, across the various TV series, a short movie, some shlokas and chaupais, and then presents to us a deep insight into what Sita really was and what we should probably read her as.

Continuing on the variety of streaming content, another deeply heartening piece by Reema Bali where she walks us through her experience of her eight year old son being able to see the famous adage – beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder – with such ease. Do read Parenting Done Right! to analyse, comprehend and understand what we as parents need to teach our children – that beauty and colour are given to us naturally.  And we are no one to discriminate any one on that basis.

Talking about the younger generation, in the Young Voices section, we bring to you the second article on the series on feminism as portrayed in pop culture. Feminism – Getting it Right touches upon some movies that the authors feel depict feminism and supporting women in the right way. Do not miss reading this just to get a grip on how the millennials see the world!

Once you are done with the millennials world view, do deep dive in, into this lovely piece where Seema V Kholiya walks us through the half way mark of our life, while nudging us to Fly High at 40! So if you are on the threshold of 40, or are have just crossed over to the other side of 40, this piece will be handy, useful and exciting.

Last but not the least, while we wait for the light at the end of the tunnel, do indulge in some deep Self-care Routine that helps you keep your mind, body and spirit refreshed, engaged and connected. Remember, in these tough times, all we need is love and care – for our own selves and also for those around us.

This too shall pass!

On that note, let me sign off.  Do read and share your views on this issue.

And, stay safe!

Yours truly, 

Swapna Narayanan

Chief Editor – Eyra 

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