Editorial (September 2019)

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the new September edition of Eyra!

While we are busy celebrating Navratri season, let us not forget to pray to the Goddesses, and give a thought to the goddess inside of us – what we call Eyra.

Hence, this month, we bring you a special issue completely focused on our inner self. We talk about how self counseling is the best form of healing in You are your own Savior! We further discuss a very impactful story of Missy Wright in the novel Ladies of Missalonghi and how she managed to go from a drab brown to a vibrant red in Going from Brown to Red! This self nurturing brings me to another special article we bring you this time, Beauty Sleep – Get your body the ZZZs it needs.

News these days seem very depressing with the moral fabric of the society going down in terms of treatment of women and children. Child sexual abuse has been a very popular and important topic due to the rising obscene incidences. The case of the Kerala girl breaks my heart. The more we talk about measures to stop child abuse, the better. So we bring you an article, Stop Child Abuse, where we talk about old and new methods of teaching your child to be aware.

Last but the most special, we bring you a beautiful heart wrenching short story of a special girl, Blank, not Void by our chief editor.

We hope this issue brings some food for thought to you. As always, we hope to hear from you.

Happy Reading!

Jyoti Shekar

Founder Editor, Eyra

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