I don’t need you that bad!

Jyoti Shekar


I see you, I like you, I think you are nice,

So when my parents ask me if I want to marry you, I don’t even think twice.

I say yes and immediately start dreaming of our lives together,

Sometimes romantic, sometimes mundane,

Sometimes tensed, but always filled with love and laughter.


Finally the day arrives, and I enter your house amidst much fanfare,

I slowly set about making it our home, and do my share.

I adapt to the timelines, I adapt to the food,

I adapt to the routine, do my duties and generally be good.

All I expect in return is love, respect and a good life,

And to be accepted in my new home as a daughter, sister and wife.


My parents gave me a lot of stuff – jewellery, TV, car and other stuff,

So that I can keep my head high in the new home, but it is simply not enough.

I am not allowed to watch the TV, wear the jewellery or drive the car,


I still think it’s okay and I look to you for some love and care.

I am not allowed to dress the way I want,

I still think it’s okay and it’s a small price to pay to avoid your parents’ taunt.


I have to cook food and clean the house,

I do it without complain, but you don’t like my cooking,

I still think it’s okay and I look to you for some words of understanding.


I have to change my eating habits, and I do it gladly,

I have to restrict my phone calls and outings, I do it gladly,

I still think it’s okay and I wait for some warmth and comfort from you.


Then I am scolded, and I am taunted,

Suddenly my skin colour and my body is not good enough,

And then I have to bring more money to compensate for all that,

I finally open my eyes and think it’s NOT OKAY,




*All images used in this article are either Eyra’s own design or widely and freely available on the internet.*

3 thoughts on “I don’t need you that bad!

  1. Beautifully expressed …It’s the story of an Indian woman who made herself so vulnerable that others forget about her basic needs itself.


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