Perfect Imperfections

Samarth Narayanan

Wrinkled skin, chapped lips,
cracks under the heel,
flab hanging off the edge,
split ends and tears feel,
what goes in the head;

When the sun rises along the horizon,
and the tears that roll off the edge of the eye,
dissipate into the atmosphere,
and solitude erupts as you sit,
and feel better;

And suddenly as you sit there,
watching the moon disappear under the glare of the sun,
you learn that the sunlight, 
that tore the moon into pieces,
was what made the flab fly away,
and the wrinkles seem like supple skin,
And the chapped lips fill with Vaseline;

And things that seemed previously imperfect,
are more perfect,
just as they are;

The sunlight from within,
that only shed light on the craters,
of the moon outside,
come now and shine,
brighter and brighter,
into ad nauseam;

And you cannot see,
the craters on the skin anymore.
You cannot even see the moon anymore;

And the sky fills with the blinding light,
of the night dying into day.
As the darkness disappears out of sight,
and then you find what is right,
and in all the might of,
the sunlight inside you;

You know the craters of the moon,
are not to be hidden, 
or locked away, and instead
you would rather,
wear it like a tiara,
and strut about like the queen you are,
and all the world will see the imperfections that now,
don’t make you hide away in the shadows;

But instead, stand out in the glare,
of all the strobe lights,
embracing the whispering insecurities,
and speaking them loud and clear,
and you realise that beauty is,
a mighty subjective thing,
and if you wear society’s ugly, with confidence,
it isn’t ugly anymore,
and then that beauty,
isn’t for society alone;

It’s for the skies,
and the oceans,
and the people of all ages;
A redefined sense of beauty,
transcending subjectivity,
and a single smile,
with those chapped lips,
can shatter the Universe,
of this multiverse,
and drive a spear into the phonies,
and draw blood,
and let their red water flow away;

Until they stand splurged on a stage
where they,
can never make anyone feel,
insecure ever again.

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