Carving your own Path

Jayanti Krishnan

As 2018 comes to a close and we are waiting to usher in 2019, it is that time of the year, when majority of us are making new year resolutions and setting goals to improve ourselves. As always the lists include the common ones like hitting the gym more and eating lots of leafy greens and what not!

But what if this year you want to do something different, pursue a passion that is not the oft taken path, take the road less traveled. I know many of us contemplate this change, but stop short before taking the plunge.

hjWe bring you one such woman who did not stop short and dared to take the plunge. Hear from Sharon S, a makeup artist from Kreations Makeovers who believed in her passion and worked towards making it her career.

In today’s world of cut-throat competition towards stereotyped careers, we have eventually just been existing in our professional fields. As a result, we are at times emotionally depressed, stressed or unhappy even though we sound and look financially stable. Sounds familiar, eh?

Coming from an IT background Sharon says, “This is the point where I realized that I need something in my life, to CHANGE POSITIVELY that can make me emotionally confident and at the same time boost and elevate my passion!”

Here are some of her thoughts, in her own words, on chasing her dreams and few tips and tricks for all of us. And do not miss the basic makeup tips she gives at the end!

Following the Trend vs Choosing your own Path 

Whilst our generation has majorly invested into the trend of crowd pulling and popular careers, we have also started witnessing changing foot-prints that also listen to hearts.

I believe each one of us has a uniqueness within us that can one day make us stand apart. All we need to do is make time and retrospect to identify this uniqueness. Once we have this identified, striving to make it our goal is the next step, not very far.

Lipsticks, kohl and liners have always fascinated me, being totally unaware that this would one day turn into my passion, further, to apply as an artistry for others. I did not stop here for just keeping it as a passion, but I dared to dream BIG making it into my career.

Today here I am, an aspiring makeup artist, not only following my dreams but also finding my innovation into the makeover world.

On Determination vs Challenges

The strength and determination to start nurturing my passion came from my husband. I always observed him chasing his dreams tirelessly which gave me confidence and the much-needed push to chase mine too. I soon realized that,  when passion becomes work, this same work turns into an enjoyment and whatever be the time that you put into enjoying, you want to have more of it.

It is not at all easy, coping with work, passion and responsibility. For me, while working the normal routine IT job and nurturing my passion at odd hours, I missed on my other hobbies/likes but I also learnt that sacrificing some good makes you achieve another in return, especially when you have prioritized your passion.

Self-doubt – the biggest enemy

fjkSelf-doubt was another challenge I faced. Being introvert by nature, posting my first makeover video on Facebook was nothing less than a turmoil in itself. I had so many apprehensions and hesitations like what people would think, how people would react over it, there are better people out there, am I being stupid, etc… The questions were endless. It took a lot of coaxing and a counter challenge from within to be able to let the video be posted.

But the response received was more than just rewarding and that encouraged me to continue and strive harder. I felt the satisfaction. Learning and relearning is the key to be successful and overcoming challenges

Supportive family eases the journey

Once started off, my journey never bumped because the people who I thought would judge, laugh and call me stupid were the ones to support and encourage me. And thereafter, there has been no looking back but a smooth road ahead.

Well as always, it’s easier said than done. Hard work, dedication and determination – all play important roles in following your dreams, but it is much easier to achieve anything in life with the support of FAMILY.

My family stood by me when I faltered and failed miserably, and I am always grateful to them for not losing hope in me when I lost hope in myself.

One step at a time…

While I started my journey a year ago, I am currently involved in performing various home artistry sessions for clients. My team and I feature few of our clients in our shoots and testimonials. After some initial tough times, we are now successfully running our own makeover studios, setup at home where we run our sessions and services. As a makeup artist, nothing could make me happier than to enhance features of my clients and moreover seeing them contented amidst us!

For the beginners 

People opine differently than what you perceive on your own. You can hear them out but not necessarily adhere to all, because they don’t know you as much as you know yourself and how much you trust your inner self. Trust your instincts and keep them alive. Go out and do something new for yourself, and not for others.

 Everyday steps for Natural Makeup look

  1. Moisturize your skin well. Choose a moisturizer depending on your skin type.
  2. Sunscreen is a must and should not be skipped.
  3. Prime your face for a smooth finish.
  4. Apply foundation. Choose one depending on your skin type and skin tone. Make sure to skin test it.
  5. Use a beauty blender for natural finish.
  6. Lock your foundation with a setting powder.
  7. Eyes are the window to your soul. Enhance them with your favorite kajal, eyeliner and mascara.
  8. Last but not the least, smile! It is your favorite shade of lipstick.

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