Well Groomed Hands – Our Business Card

Jayanti Krishnan

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, well-maintained hands are windows to your well-groomed look. More often than not, we spend a lot of time pampering our faces but fail to pay attention to other parts of our body – like our hands. We do not realise that they are equally important and must be cared for, not only for that well-groomed look, but also to keep them disease free and healthy.

While everyone loves a salon or spa visit that includes a fabulous nail service, manicure and pedicure, home care is a vital piece of the puzzle when caring for your hands and feet. It is really not that difficult to ensure immaculately kept hands.

Here’s how to put your best hand forward.

Well groomed hands2Tone up your hands

The look of your hands can reveal a lot about you. Loose flabby hands do not look good or feel good. Tighten up your muscles and eliminate that roll of flab with a few simple exercises that are necessary for a lovely, firm feel.

  1. Hand plank for 1 minute.
  2. Stretch your hands upwards and hold for a minute.
  3. Stretch your hands sideways and then rotate clockwise and anticlockwise.
  4. Stretch your hand towards the front and rotate your wrist clockwise and anticlockwise for strengthening them.

Moisturize your hands minimum twice a day

It is no secret that wind and cold temperatures dry out the skin on our hands. And the sun, while it may warm the hands, is not very good for keeping skin smooth. The remedy for all this is to moisturize – a lot and often.

A water-based moisturizer works best during the day since it will sink in quickly and not leave hands greasy. At night, opt for an oil-based version. Also, use a mix of almond and avocado oils to keep cuticles and nails hydrated.

To help the moisturizer penetrate – and keep it off your sheets – slip on cotton socks and gloves after applying a thick layer on feet and hands right before getting into bed. Cotton will let your skin breathe.

Trim your nails regularly and value health over length

Well groomed hands3Regular trims are as important to your nails as they are to your hair. Long nails are beautiful if cared properly, but if you’re someone who has struggled with breakage, then keep your nails short – at least to start out with. A shorter style with a rounded edge tends to be easier to manage and looks neater, so you can focus on building strength without worrying about anything else. Once a week, dip your wrists and fingers into a bowl of milk for ten minutes.

Importance of Base Coat and Top Coat

What is the point of spending all that time painting your nails if it only lasts a day, or for that matter spoils your nails? Painting your nails at home is no excuse to cut corners by skipping the base coat. This step not only protects the nail from being stained by the polish, but also helps the color look more saturated and opaquer with just one coat. Do not think you can squirm your way out of using top coat either. This step is just as important, as the top coat seals in the polish’s color and adds a much-needed gloss finish to your digits.

Wear Gloves when doing chores

Plenty of the tasks that we have to do around the house can do damage to our hands. Whether you are washing dishes, doing garden work or working with tools, always put on a pair of protective gloves first. Preferably with a cotton liner.

Planning your diet

Well groomed handsA faulty diet can lead to dry, brittle nails. Vitamins and supplements like Vitamin E and protein-rich foods like beans and nuts are considered good for nails. A wide variety of green vegetables and carrots are also highly recommended. Once you hit on the combination that works for you, you’ll be rewarded with stronger, clearer nails.

Lastly, the best way to keep healthy and beautiful nails is to get your manicures and pedicures as often as you can, at least once in a month.

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