The Eternal Dilemma – the Heart or the Mind?

heart n mind 3How does one balance the voices that emerge from the heart and the mind? Invariably opposing, these voices become a battle in our heads. Uniformly generic, these voices are all relationships pervasive. We keep battling with this question when dealing with our parents, friends, colleagues, spouses, children etc.

Generally, women tend to use their hearts for as long as they can, and shift to the mind only in grave circumstances. However, our experience has also taught us that it is never a good idea to use our heart everywhere. This is what makes us emotional, creates unreasonable expectations and in the end, makes us miserable.

It is very important for us to identify what situations require which of our voice, but the conundrum is that even to identify the situation, we will have to use either the heart or the mind!

That said, women do show strong grit and determination if situation so demands. That is when they choose to keep the heart at bay and listen clearly to the mind.

Yet the eternal question remains, for all lives mortal, the heart or the mind?

We quote here, a lovely poem – Heart or Mindth by Rema Shivakumar, a budding writer based in the US:


Heart or Mindth


I believe in hearts and minds,

they are two different words.

Heart looks at the world, in a beautiful light,

forgiving people’s mistakes, hoping for the best.

Mind looks at things in a critical sense,

judging, analyzing and doing a lot more.

Is it right to think by heart always?

Or is it better to think only by mind always?

Why not use both in a right proportion?

Isn’t that the very thing that changes with each person?

And even with time or occasion,

doesn’t change come to an opinion?

Who will decide a set ratio?

Right or wrong is decided by whom?

That brings forth the main question,

can there be an absolutely right or wrong opinion?

I can be heart or mind personified at times,

balancing them is the call of the times.

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