Editorial (March 2022)

Hello readers, 

Hope you are all well and inching back to your pre-pandemic lives. 

March 21 was celebrated as the World Poetry Day. Poetry has, is, and always will be one of the most expressive media to bare your heart and soul. Structured yet unstructured, defined yet free flowing and controlled yet threadbare – poetry touches the reader’s heart in very many ways. 

Poetry has been a part of all civilizations since time immemorial cutting across faiths, choices and cultures. 

This time around we decided to dedicate our March issue to celebrate womanhood through poetry.

Eyra is a strong believer of the fact that a woman has it all – an ability to achieve, an inborn spirit to nurture others around her, an innate ability to fight for herself and her loved ones and of course her immense beauty – internal and external.

The first poem – Start Afresh! – urges you to step out of the constant cross fires we find ourselves caught in, and look at your inner self to start afresh.

The second poem – I don’t need you that bad! – makes you realise how deeply adjusting women often tend to be and are expected to be by the world around them. The question is how much you are willing to adjust and for how long.

The next poem touches upon the various stages of motherhood while including the ones who could not embrace it. The most inclusive piece that I have read recently – Happy Mother’s Day – touches one and all.

Continuing on mothers, our next poem, love language: ma, beautifully shows how our mothers express their love for us in so many different ways others than words!

While women hold fort across the various stages of life (and do it with such élan), as age catches up with them, they look at the world from a much more experienced eyes. Ripening Old walks us through the entire experience of menopause in women.

We hope that this walk though the world of verses while celebrating different facets of being a woman satiates your soul and spirit!


Swapna Narayanan

Chief Editor, Eyra

*All images used in this article are either Eyra’s own design or widely and freely available on the internet.*

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