You are Enough!

Jyoti Shekar

Gender and associated discrimination is very deeply engrained in our society irrespective of the social and financial background one comes from. Time and again I have this conversation with people – about how every baby is a gift from God and should be accepted wholeheartedly. With the various initiatives, awareness and legal rules around the same, people are coming to terms with the concept, yet there is a long way to go.

I have often seen, and it pains me to see, that the people who are vehemently against female foeticide or any other form of discrimination, when it comes to their own personal choices they end up feeling that boys are better. They seem to genuinely feel that they are looking out for girls but not by protecting their foetus, rather by praying that they are not born at all!

It hurts me. Especially, when women do that.

The other day, a female friend of mine said, “I love girls and I love my daughter. But it always make sense to wish for a boy child since he does not have to suffer like a girl has to.”

It was so heartfelt that I could not even get angry, but my heart almost leaped out in anger. I just could not find the right words to say, but I did want to tell her these points:

  1. Boys suffer as much as girls in this world. They are also weighed down by expectations, pain and heartbreaks.
  2. Struggles are a part of everybody’s existence. It is up to us how we deal with it and how we teach our children to deal with it.
  3. If by female suffering, we mean menstruation and pregnancy. Well, we learn to accept the former as part of life, just like men do with their biological issues. And the latter is an absolute choice and should be done with complete willingness anyway. That is a choice we all have, same as the women who raise this issue. The irony is they do not want girls who will have to get pregnant but they still want their progeny to continue. In essence, it is like saying – I want girls in this world but not my own!
  4. If by female suffering we mean that we have to follow rules and bow down to the so called society, well, that is in our hands too. If we want to lose the war without even fighting, it is our call. But – we can and we should teach our daughters to live life on their own terms.
What did you do about your dreams?

Whatever the world or society says , the only person we should be scared of is our future self who can turn back anytime and ask, “ What did you do about your dreams?

Hitting these sentiments bang on is the latest Iqlipse Nova song Tere liye kaafi tu hai

I know you’re strong, thodi thodi Wonder woman jaisi

It might be tough, ye jo Struggle wala phase hai

Tere Liye Kaafi Tu Hai…

Par tu bhi hard, bilkul Thor k Hatode jaisi

Tu jaise Genie, waise tu hi hai Houdini jai⁷si,

Gaali jo deti wo bhi meethi hoti cheeni jaisi,

Choti si tu, fir bhi duniya pe tu bhaari hai

Tha ye Interval Poori picture abhi baaki hai…

This upcoming musician hits the nerve with every song , but this particular song, “TERE LIYE KAAFI TU HAI”, reminds us of how enough we are and what we are capable of achieving.

Do listen in and leave us your comments.

Iqlipse’s earlier song – Naari – also did wonders and touched many a heart. It remains one of our most popular coverages. You can read at – Rapping the Reality – Naari.

Every girl should know that she is enough for herself and she can do whatever she wants to do no matter what.

*All images used in this article are either Eyra’s own design, used with permission of the interviewee or widely and freely available on the internet.*

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