Editorial (June 2021)

Hello readers

Hope you are all well and are in the process of getting vaccinated (or have completed). 

Half a year has gone by, and we are making some headway against the deadly pandemic – while losing some loved ones along the way. Here’s hoping the other half of the year brings in the much needed relief, and brings life back to normalcy. 

June is always a happening month. It is Pride Month and also has a day dedicated to Yoga – 21st June – as International Yoga Day.

In this issue we bring you stories that enlighten and give a perspective on the concept of gender not being binary. We have Dr. Shalini Mullick who encourages us to look Beyond the Pink and Blue and adopt gender neutral parenting. A deep look at this piece made me dive deeper into my own thought process and I could see how we have been conditioned so far and how we only can break the mould. On the same topic, we have the Young Voices editor walking us through a pre-British era when gender was fairly fluid and not rigidly dichotic in Fluid and Free. A food for thought indeed. 

Have you ever wondered why we do not have something similar to an Old Boys Network? Why is sisterhood so tough to come by? Probably because of the strong patriarchal face of our society, or that men are able to be a lot more forgiving to their brethren which we women are unable to? In Let’s Get Together, Gals the author puts forth her views and experiences while making us wonder – why not? 

I recently lost an aunt of mine who was in her 70s. During her funeral, in her eulogy page I saw an uncle of mine appreciating her for her modern and educated views way back in the 1960s when she got married and came into our family. And that made me go back a bit and look at women in the late 1800s who broke the ceiling using their education and forward thinking minds. Dr. Rukhmabai was one such woman who broke the ceiling back then and paved the way for many privileges that the subsequent generations have benefited from. Do read Making the Right Choices – Dr. Rukhmabai to get to know more about her, her powerful pen, her intelligent mind and her quest for education for herself. 

To commemorate the International Yoga Day which just went by, we bring to you a piece on one the most intrinsic ritual of any yoga practitioner that blends both prayer and a workout – the Surya Namaskar. No wonder it is called the ultimate asana. 

Though some parts of the world open up after completing their vaccinations, while we are still in partial lockdown – which we should be to avoid a Wave 3 hitting us – let me tell you the story of a young girl, One Who Saw the Light when there was utmost darkness around her. If Anne Frank were alive, she would have turned 92 this month. All of 13 back then, if she could face two years in hiding and yet keep her spirits up, then we need to learn a lot from her. 

I hope all these articles make for a nice reading, act as food for thought, or probably make you look at things in a different perspective. 

Happy reading. 

Stay safe and stay home. We need to avoid the Wave 3 and the only way we can do that is by being responsible. 


Swapna Narayanan,

Chief Editor, Eyra 

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