Dream Keeper – A Poetography Ensemble

Jyoti Shekar

Siblings fight and make fun of each other but when it comes down to it, they are our biggest support. They understand our emotions, our dreams, our vision and many a times, our unspoken words. Who can better understand this than us (Eyra Sisters). Our whole magazine is soundly standing on our own sibling bond. We help each other grow and achieve our goals.

We came across another set of siblings who co-authored a book, the Dream Keeper. It is a Poetography Ensemble with a collection of poems and photography compiled by two sisters – Bindiya Bedi Charan Noronha and Komal Bedi Sohal.

Bindiya works at a diplomatic mission. Her thoughts find beautiful expression in her poetry, articles and sketches. Komal is an advertising veteran, with an instinctive talent in photography. Her way of capturing feelings, nuances and time makes her candid shots very interesting.

The sisters decided to publish the poems written by Bindiya with beautiful pictorial narrations by Komal through her photography.

In Bindiya’s own words, ‘Dream Keeper is written in the spirit of shared humanism. It is for those who struggle in silence with smiling masks. It is for my friends who loved and lost. It’s absolutely alright to lose, to fall down and to rise again.

To explain what the title signifies, she goes on to say, ‘I write for sisterhood and brotherhood out there which stood by me, beckoning me to dream. To dream is easy. To hold on and nurture is not. If you can keep it alive, you are the Dream Keeper.’

If the poems sear your soul, the photographs bring them to life. A beautiful collection, Dream Keeper, really makes you wonder about a variety of topics such as Humanity, Love, Relationships, Destiny and Emotions.

I think the flavor of the book can best be explained by reproducing a poem from it, to refresh the reader’s mind.

I Coloured My Glasses Pink

My pink glasses

Colour my world delightfully

Not letting minor impediments

Become big mountains

My pink glasses

Allow love to overflow

Ignoring dirty devils

Residing inside and outside

My pink glasses

Cheer my heart

Singing in rhythm

Dancing in abandon

My pink glasses

Bring me courage and joy

I shine and smile

No matter what

My pink glasses

Colour my life

I live in sync

With myself

Above all.

It was quite a difficult task to select just one of the poems for you to read. But I am just going to give in to my temptation and give you a glimpse of another one.

Golden Ratio

Into the light we are born

Into the light we disappear

The journey on this earth

Is that of shared humanity

It must rise above only self

Into the expanded consciousness

Of the divine cosmic reality.

Feel like reading more?

You can buy your copy of Dream Keeper now at Amazon!

*All images used in this article are either Eyra’s own design or widely and freely available on the internet.*

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