Editorial (October 2020)

Hello readers, 

Hope you all are having a good time in this week of festivities. While the spirits are relatively dampened with limited socialising, but the show is on.

Here we are with our October issue of Eyra.

I recollect sometime earlier this year, a leading businessman had put out a Twitter post on the hurdles that a woman has to face to build a career. A realisation that had dawned on him when he had to baby sit his daughter’s child while his daughter pursued something of her interest. 

Reality had dawned on him only when he saw it from closed quarters!

I got a chance to read a book that touches upon the various barriers and challenges a woman faces while she pursues her career along with her motherhood. In Seize Your Career, I speak to the author of this book Archana Venkat and delve deep into how this simple and crisp book is bringing the core issues to the fore in an articulate manner. It would do good for the people in HR to read this book and get a very grass root perspective! 

We also bring you the story of how an undaunted entrepreneur Puja Sahu has managed to put the Bihari cuisine on the Indian food map in Potbelly – Food for Thought. While there were many a challenges that came in her way, Puja had to fight a few more due to the some preconceived notions and stereotypes. Yet, she fought it all and made it to the top! 

Talking about food, our nutrition enthusiast this time talks about the deep correlation between food and our mood. Read Don’t be Hangry to see how we can satiate our taste buds and our spirits by eating right. 

Lockdown is tough. The pandemic has disrupted our lives completely. One of the key problems that parents are facing today is that of online schooling. While it is not at all easy to get a 8 year old to sit continuously on a Zoom call with headphones on, there are many more issues such as access to technology across the various strata of society, government’s support etc. that are looming large. In Online Education during Pandemic, two Bengaluru based lawyers walk us through the ground reality in an extremely comprehensive manner. 

We, at Eyra, always celebrate women who undauntedly tread through the difficulties of life and ensure they see the light at the end of the tunnel. In, An Untold Nightmare – Priya Garg, we interact with the author of the soon to be released book by the same name. The book talks about a woman’s journey through life as a little girl, a young woman in love and finally a free spirit, in the form of diary entries as and when life happens to her.

Do read and share your views, feedback and suggestions.


Swapna Narayanan

Chief Editor, Eyra

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