Editorial (September 2020)

Dear Readers,

We present to you the September 2020 issue of Eyra. This year has been quite a roller coaster. Good news is, we have only 3 months left! So hang in there, friends.

We have had no dearth of topics to write about, not just because of the pandemic, but because of all the changes it has brought with it, and the other losses we have had. The most recent being the loss of the iconic Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who has contributed a lot towards women rights. RBG was an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. You can read more about her in The Game Changer – Ruth Bader Ginsburg. However, one of her quotes really resonates with me:

I said on the equality side of it, that it is essential to a woman’s equality with man that she be the decision-maker, that her choice be controlling.

And that’s what Eyra is for, and about. We are here to remind you with every issue and every article that you are important. That you have a voice. And that you have a choice.

Speaking of choice, we bring you a very informative piece on understanding the nuances of bra shopping. It is not just a matter of choice, it can make or break your posture and other associates health risks. Read Your Bra – Your Second Skin to know more.

So be special, and treat yourself as special. As women are precious. We have the exclusive ability to bring life into this world through our womb. And this is what is highlighted in Nature’s Precision in Creating Life. The article gives very interesting, even mindblowing, insights into childbirth and shares the secret of why a mother’s love and bond is unmatched.

And as a woman, to feel empowered and to feel we have a choice, one of the first and most important aspect to think about is finances. Unless we have money in our pockets, it is difficult to think about standing up for our rights. Simply because it gives us the confidence that whatever happens, we will survive. Learn the importance of it, along with some special tips for our readers on finance management, in Enabling Financial Freedom for Women – Priyanka Bhatia.

We also bring you the last of our three part series on portrayal of feminism in pop culture movies and TV shows. The first part was on being misquoted, the second part was about movies that got it right, and this third part, Feminism: Beyond Gender, focuses on gender neutrality, looking at feminism beyond gender. Isn’t it the ideal we are all looking for?

I know I am. I want a world where people think of me as a person. When I do something, they don’t measure that against the fact of my gender. Because I am a woman, I did it good or bad, or because I am a woman, I should or should not do it. That’s my ideal world. What is yours?

At the end, we also bring you a very thoughtful piece on the fear and hope we face in light of this crisis in the world in A Young One, A Writer, and the Pandemic. And how the author hopes for the future generation.

With all these thought provoking pieces, we hope you are inspired to think about your own life and perspectives, and change what you need to in your life for your peace and happiness. After all, the one thing this pandemic has taught us, is that if we are happy and healthy, we can survive. The rest will come and go.

Hope you find your bliss. And for more food for thought, we are always here, bringing you new articles on new topics every month.

Do share with us. We are here for you.

Yours truly,

Jyoti Shekar

Founder Editor, Eyra

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