Editorial (February 2020)

Dear Readers,

Happy Saturday!

It just seems yesterday when we ushered in the year 2020, and we are already stepping into the third month of the year.

February was a momentous month for the women in the Indian Army when the Supreme Court of India passed a landmark judgment granting permanent commission to its women officers. Read more about it in Winning the Fight for Equality.

Talking about the quest for equality, rather a still ongoing ordeal, we bring to you in The Likeability Trap a coverage of the visit of Ms. Rachel Thomas, CEO of LeanIn.org and OptionB.org who spoke about the Likeability Bias that we should not be suscepting our young girls to.

We also bring you the Guide to Healthy Eating that offers you a comprehensive custom eating plan that will leave you satisfied, energised and not deprived and hungry!

A review of the famous book by the African author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s in We should All be Feminists – A Review and a short piece on Happy Marriages – Reality or a Myth make up for the remaining issue.

As always, your comments, views and suggestions are welcome.

Happy Reading!

Swapna Narayanan

Chief Editor, Eyra

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