Editorial (October 2019)

Dear Readers,

Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali and welcoming you to the October issue of Eyra!

I recently read an article that spoke about a woman aged 60+ who is now a Sex Coach for women above 40 years of age. Well, do we need one was the first thought that crossed my mind. But on reading the article, my whole perspective changed.

A 50 year old of the 1980’s is very different from a woman in her 50’s today.

And it is time we re-look at the conditioning that all women across the globe face by getting messages like good girls should do this, or respectable women should behave like this, or well bred women never speak up etc.

Inspired by her, and clearly seeing the need to redefine, we dedicate this issue to to the concept of ‘redefining’.

In the famous words of a leadership Guru, Peter Drucker – one must learn, unlearn and relearn to stay relevant to the changing times.

So in this issue we bring you our thoughts and some ideas relating to redefining your life – as a mother, as a wife and as a working woman. We also talk about the definitions of beauty and art and how these are slowly changing, inspiring us to change our ideas with them.

Do look back and see what definitions in your lives needs a change, and change them!

Happy reading!


Swapna Narayanan

Chief Editor, Eyra







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