Editorial (June 2019)

Hello readers,

As the country battles the extreme heat temperatures and the world faces the clearly concerning issue of Global Warming, we bring out to you our next issue.

As always, we bring you pieces that cover a varied set of issues while enlightening, encouraging and empowering the women of our country – the core vision of Eyra.

This time around, we bring you stories on a bunch of young and super confident mechanical engineers from the Indira Gandhi Technical University for Women who have developed an eco-friendly car aptly named as Iris, the concept of accepting things in your life with a strong sense of self-worth through the life of Fran Drescher – the American actress of the popular series – The Nanny, and some tips on keeping the super encompassing feeling of ‘being guilty’ at bay.

In addition, we bring to you some summer make-up tips from a budding Mumbai based make-up artist Shafayra Ahmed and a poem celebrating the Pride Month by Samarth Narayanan.

As always – keep reading and sharing your views with us.

We all have only one life, and we must live it on our terms!


Swapna Narayanan

Chief Editor, Eyra

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