Finding home in Art – Ankita Mehani

Jyoti Shekar

In our constant quest to find Women Artists to present to our readers, we often stumble upon unique talents and interesting aspects of art. I accidentally stumbled upon one such talented artist right in my building when I saw a new 3D painting hanging on the wall at the entrance. I was enthralled by it and immediately set out to find the artist.

4fb0da85-0794-4057-b577-f40bd169e51cThat’s when I met the beautiful and talented Ankita Mehani – a millennial with an advance diploma in Fine Arts from Delhi Collage of Art. Originally from Jhansi, Ankita never dreamed of becoming an artist. After working in the field of HR, she chose to work in the fashion industry. But destiny had something else in store for her. She had to move to Delhi half-way through her course and subsequently took up a course in Fine Arts. While studying, she consecutively worked as a freelance artist for 2 years. Then again, she made the move back to Mumbai to get married.

Irrespective of all the moves, with the support of her husband and family, she has only grown and improved in her chosen field.

a94f3958-af6c-44f6-8cf6-0ea76dcea4a5Her paintings showcase versatility in different mixed media. Her paintings mostly depict empowered women though colours. Her specialty is her 3D paintings, which have garnered huge recognition and appreciation for her.

Her artwork is available on Artaura – Surroundings of Art (Facebook and Instagram). Not only that, she has also recently amalgamated her work of art with an interior designing firm named Munique Interiors & Arts.

Her paintings so far have been exhibited in galleries of New Delhi like AIFACS and Lalit Kala Academy and various other art and culture fests in Mumbai.

Ankita believes that Art itself is a healing process – it not only heals the maker but also the receiver of the work of art.

fb55b4ac-4dbb-4502-9496-c0936e974173.jpgHer message to all the upcoming artists is – ‘Never stop experimenting and never lose hope. Keep creating. An artist is built to make society happy with bundles of emotions. Success is always the next step ahead. Just keep going forward.’ 

Her paintings are available on order through Artaura.

Ankita is also a finalist in the Mrs. Navi Mumbai Popular 2018 award and we would like to congratulate her on her journey so far and wish her all the best for winning the title.

3 thoughts on “Finding home in Art – Ankita Mehani

  1. Many many congratulations Ankita, you are an awesome personality, well grounded human being, outstanding artist and inspiration to many.

    One line which i can write for you “TUMNE APNI KISMAT KHUD BANAYI HAI”.

    We are so proud of you.


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