Editorial​ (June 2018)

Hello Readers,

We bring you the monsoon edition of Eyra!

Hope you all are enjoying the rains. We got our first shower yesterday in Delhi, and the weather is starting to become enjoyable. There is nothing that appeals to me more than a good book and a cup of steaming hot tea, with the pitter patter of the rain in the background.

But one flipside of the rains is the condition our skin and hair gets into. We bring you tips from Hemangi Sagar of Hemangi Sagar Studio on how to maintain the health of your hair and skin this season.

We have a lot more special stories for you this time. The achiever we interviewed for this edition, Rajlakshmi Borthakur, is an exceptional mother who chose to fight for her destiny head on and has become a designer, scientist, and entrepreneur for an Epilepsy detection device and has been recognized worldwide for her efforts by Ivanka TrumpPM Narendra ModiNiti Aayog, United Nations and MyGov, to name a few!

We also have an awe-inspiring fighter, Jasdeep Kaur, with us who talks about her struggles with losing her eyesight due to Retinitis Pigmentosa and how she made her challenge ‘enabling’ for herself.

In today’s times, women face a lot of stress juggling their multiple roles. We bring you an article on nurturing yourself, giving some tips on how to make it easier for yourself.

The topic of women’s struggles brings to mind the latest controversies relating to the movies Veere di Wedding and Lust Stories. The mind boggles thinking of how much more we women have to travel to gain acceptance in society as people with needs, sense of humour and fun in us. This drove us to present you a piece on the acclaimed devdasi and a poet of the 18th century, MudduPalani from Thanjavur (Tanjore) in Tamil Nadu. This woman artist had proclaimed a woman’s right to desire and sexual fulfillment a few centuries ago, though shunned and banned at that time. Makes the mind wonder if we have progressed at all, considering that we are still shunned for the same issue!

This is added on by the fact that Thomson Reuters Foundation has come up with a disturbing survey that India is the world’s most dangerous country for women! Seven years ago, we were in the fourth position, and now we have eliminated competition to stand first. With violence against women on the rise more than ever, it is time we introspect and start from home. Teaching our sons to respect women has taken an all-important and critical role in ensuring that we leave a safe and comfortable society for our daughters.

Something to think about!

As always, we would love to hear from you. You can comment at our website, in our social media pages or drop in a note to us at eyramagazine@gmail.com.

Happy Reading!


Jyoti Shekar

Founder Editor, Eyra

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