Editorial (May 2018)

Hello Readers,

As we launch our next issue, summer heat is on the rise, markets are flooded with mangoes, parks (even malls) are teeming with little munchkins and children having fun in their summer holidays.

While in the southern part of the country, we are getting ready to cheer in the monsoon, up north it is a story of scorching sun and sandstorm.

Talking about storms, my state Karnataka also witnessed some stormy politics, waking up the entire nation and of course, the Supreme Court! Cannot but remember the famous saying that my Civics teacher often quoted – Politics makes strange bedfellows!

As always this issue brings to fore some amazing women who inspire us and only push us forward to do more.

We bring to you an amazing young entrepreneur Aditi Gupta who is crusading against the myths associated with the basic biological phenomenon of menstruation and is educating young girls by way of comics.

In the Achiever section, this time around we feature a US-based writer, Sweta Srivastava Vikram, who has just released her novel Louisiana Catch where she presents an Indian born character – Ahana – spearheading a ‘No Excuse’ movement in New Orleans.

We also bring to you another passionate woman Vani Murthy who is the poster girl of Bengaluru in the sphere of Urban Farming. Organic farming, composting and terrace gardening are all unique initiatives being adopted actively in my city to nurture our Mother Earth back to her health.

Not to miss our latest piece on Zumba and how it is trending to be the best comprehensive workout, that does not feel like work at all!

And of course some tips by me on how to keep the kiddos occupied during their summer break!

Do read and as always share your views, opinions and feedback.

We would be glad to hear from you.

Till next time….

Swapna Narayanan

Chief Editor, Eyra

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