Editorial (April 2018)

Hello Readers,

We are back with our fourth edition of Eyra!

The support we are getting from you all keeps us going.

Of all the things Indian, we are best known for our soul. But where has it gone now? Recent events seem to be indicating that we are so worried about the western influence, that we are becoming regressive now. And that is just making us worse! We have all heard a lot of horrible news in the past month, but for me the worst one is the research that was published about how the Kathua rape case is the most searched in porn sites! Where has all the humanity gone, one wonders.

Dedicated to the little children who lost their lives due to our lust/religious differences/political agenda (who knows!), in this issue we have sought the thoughts and opinions of some young people in the age group of 15 to 21 to understand their thoughts, fears and concerns.

On the same topic, yours truly has also written an article in this issue, pouring all my anguish and hurt in it. But looking at it practically, the article raises concerns over us being a nation which gets enraged and demands justice when a crime occurs, but then goes back to complacency, forgetting that it is more important to prevent such crimes and bring up men of a different breed altogether.

My advice is – do call out men who are being even remotely biased or regressive. Stop taking any comment derogatory to women, even if made in a lighter vein.

We also present you a unique thought on how important it is for girls to play and what is the acceptance of women in sports. Giving us her thoughts on this is Mallika Bajaj, a well known figure in Sports, Media and Women Empowerment space.

We bring you more amazing women like Deepa Kiran who talks on the art of storytelling, Ruma Chakravarty who heals people with music therapy (sounds soothing, doesn’t it?) and in our Beauty section, we have Shalini Samuel who runs her own YouTube channel called ‘Knot Me Pretty’ and has given us some pretty good hairstyling tips.

You will be reading a lot of my thoughts in the Fighter section. Hence I will keep it short and allow you to read on.

Do share your views, feedback and opinions!

We would love to hear from you. You can comment at our website, in our social media pages or drop in a note to us at eyramagazine@gmail.com.

Happy Reading!


Jyoti Shekar

Founder Editor, Eyra​​

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