Editorial (March 2018)

Hello readers,

I hope you celebrated the International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, in your own small or big way.

At Eyra, while we attended a few events, in our hearts we wished that women do not need a Women’s Day anymore! And that every woman is empowered to celebrate every day as her day.

We believe that this is something that can be achieved only if the women are made to realize that they also have an individuality of their own, a voice that need not be silenced, a smile that can spread cheer, a heart that can love not only others, but also their own selves. Unfortunately, over years, society has created varied diktats and mores that have instilled a strong sense of do’s and don’ts for a woman’s heart, soul and mind.

So very unfair, yet so very ingrained!

In this issue, we just want to tell our readers to Love Yourself! Contrary to the popular belief that a woman must love all others first, the reality is ‘a woman must love herself first’. Yes – you need not suppress your own dreams, wants, and feelings to enable the others around you.

Do not believe me?

Read about ten inspiring women, who living in the same society as ours, have walked the path and are today sharing with us what womanhood really means to them. Each of them are from varied age groups, different professions, across geographies, and have lived their life by listening to their inner voice and taking those small decisions that were equitable and fair for all, including herself.

We also bring you some unique women who have made a mark in their lives by dreaming, aspiring and working towards their goals. Swati Maliwal, who unable to digest the rape of an eight month old child crusaded the RapeRoko movement, Vasanthi Hariprakash who listening to her heart went about building a career in media, Shabnam Samuel who hung on to her pen and stood up to her life in spite of a very tough childhood and so much more…

And while I write this editorial, our young Founding Editor – Jyoti Shekar – is receiving a Women’s Excellence Award at New Delhi for her efforts towards women empowerment. Only to prove that any dream, if followed up with the right amount of attitude and loads of hard work, can fructify and transform to reality.

On that note, let me sign off and allow you to read on.

Do share you views, feedback and opinions!

We would love to hear from you. You can comment at our website, in our social media pages or drop in a note to us at eyramagazine@gmail.com

Happy Reading!


Swapna Narayanan

Chief Editor, Eyra​​

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