Breaking Conventions

Samarth Narayanan

Strong she stands,

Arms held high,

Carrying a vessel of truth.

The messiah she is,

The warrior of lore,

Stretching her arms to protect.

She screams aloud

Into the night

As her scars and wounds she abhors.

And she carries the vessel,

To oblivion,

Fighting the paradigm.

Even though the world,

Stands against her,

She moves ahead with an infectious smile.

And the people that watch,

From the sidelines,

Know what she does is right.

And yet, how many would side

With the woman with arms,

Carrying away the truth.

The truth lies above

And the lie is in reach

And the people are happy to stay.

They would rather not make,

The effort to break

Conventions and rise.

And yet, this carrier,

This carrier of truth,

Trudges on and on.


Author Bio:

Samarth is a seventeen year old schoolboy with a passionate love for anything even remotely dramatic. He has some interesting views about life and death, the right and the wrong, and everything that comes with it.

Read more of his work at his blogs and

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