Editorial (July 2021)

Hello readers

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying a cuppa of hot coffee or tea amidst the rains. 

Apart from the monsoons and the impending third wave, Olympics is keeping us Indians busy and glued to the media. 

As we go on our medal collection spree across the various events, here is a quick look back into the history of women achievers from India in Olympics. In Six and counting, Vignesh Narayanan gives us a sneak peak into the history of women participation in the Olympics and specifically traces the history of Indian women who won medals and brought laurels home. 

Gender discrimination is such a deep rooted malaise in our society and shows its face in very many ways and forms. And unfortunately it begins the moment the child is conceived in a mother’s womb. In You are Enough, we reason with all those women who prefer to have a male child while getting inspired by a new song release by a young musician titled that says Tere liye kaafi hai tu. In The Silent One, Krithika Yashwanth deep dives into the lives of middle class working women and highlights their deep need for acknowledgement and support. And in Nothing is Safe, a poem, a young voice ponders how safe are our roads for our girls.  

With the pandemic and forced lockdown, health is becoming a key priority to all of us. We bring to you a piece by Ramya Ramachandran Good Health – Sleep, Food and Exercise – where she highlights the importance of food, sleep and exercise to maintain good health while touching upon the need to listen to our body. 

While good health is a necessary component for leading a good life, humour plays a key role in leading a life filled with fun. In Slice of Life Humour – Erma Bombeck, we tell you about this highly witty author who with her humour, wit and her incisive take on everything that a woman, a mother, a home maker goes through in her day-to-day life brought to life some lovely bestsellers like – Just Wait till you have Children of Your Own, I lost Everything in Post-Natal Depression, Motherhood – the Second Oldest Profession, Family – the ties that Bind…and Gag!

After all life is so much easier with a sense of humour!

I hope all these articles make for a nice reading, act as a food for thought, or probably make you to look at things in a different perspective. 

Happy reading. 

Stay safe and stay home. We need to avoid the Wave 3 and the only way we can do that is by being responsible. 


Swapna Narayanan

Chief Editor, Eyra 

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